Human-Centred Systems for Sustainable Living

A Research Group at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts & Technology

Visualizing Vancouver Transit Referendum Twitter Network

During 30 days, from Feb 11 to March 11, we captured the conversation about the Vancouver transit referendum on Twitter to investigate how digital social media platforms has been used to broadcast information of public interest as well as to promote civic engagement.

Water conservation game

Playing games is a ludic activity that can teach how our actions impact in the environment. Being aware of our actions and understanding how they impact in the game space is as important as in our everyday life. With the goal to make water consumption more perceivable, the visiting researcher Li Wenjing is developing a game in which the central point is on water consumption in a domestic environment, which can be also be used as an interactive learning digital environment to teach children about the importance of water conservation and sustainable living.


Human-Centred Systems for Sustainable Living is a research group at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts & Technology. We are interested in the research and development of interactive systems to support sustainable living.

Reducing our ecological footprint requires not only new energy technologies but also new and more efficient energy use. But changing the way we use energy is proving challenging. A key part of this includes the homes we live in. Smart metering, wireless communication, and mobile and ubiquitous computing devices provide the technological capability to track and review consumption patterns in near real time. Our research is concerned with how we can use these technologies to help residents make better energy and resource use decisions. This introduces issues of visualization, human factors, user interface design, social computing, controls systems and engineering design. We investigate all of these aspects in this research.

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Interested in studying with us?

We are actively recruiting graduate students to work with us in this exciting area. Please contact Lyn Bartram ( for further information.

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