Energy use dataset available

SFU PhD candidate and HCSSL researcher Stephen Makonin, with SFU professors Fred Popowich and Lyn Bartram, has released an open dataset of residential energy use for general research. The AMPds (Almanac of Minutely Power Dataset)   contains one years worth of data that includes 11 measurements at one minute intervals for 22 sub-meters. Further, data for natural gas and water consumption is included. These data were targeted at better measures for load disaggregation algorithmic development. Different measurements are included to support the argument that real power may not be the best measurement for load disaggregation. However, they will also be of use to general research in understanding and experimenting with approaches to residential feedback and monitoring.

AMPds is a free and publicly available dataset for all researchers to use, but any publishable research that makes use of this dataset must cite this paper:

Makonin, S., Popowich, F., Bartram, L., Gill, B., & Bajic, I. V. (2013). AMPds: A public dataset for load disaggregation and eco-feedback research. In 2013 IEEE Electrical Power Energy Conference (EPEC) (pp. 1–6). Halifax, Canada. 

AMPds can be downloaded from


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