North House featured on CBC Radio’s Spark

This week, North House was featured on Spark, CBC Radio’s technology and culture show. Host Nora Young spoke with Lisa Rochon, Globe and Mail architecture critic, about responsive architecture, using North House as an example of what’s possible:

Imagine window blinds that shut themselves when it gets too sunny. Or a house that knows when you’re coming home from a winter vacation.

Ideas like this are part of a new movement in building design: responsive architecture. Responsive architecture is actually already beginning to become a reality in the actual buildings around us. Lisa Rochon is the architecture critic at the Globe and Mail and she talked to Nora about Canadian developments in responsive architecture.

University of Waterloo faculty lead Geoffrey Thün is briefly interviewed in the piece.

Scroll down the feature listing for Spark 117 and you can listen to the segment under the heading Responsive Architecture (Runs 11:16).

The full MP3 of the Podcast is available here, or in the Apple iTunes Store.


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